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Bio & Statement

Yalda is a Ceramic Artist based in Canada. She Holds a master’s degree from Cardiff School of Art and Design as well as a Bachelor of Applied Arts from University of New Brunswick.

She admires technology as much as she loves art; social and cultural issues are concepts that inspire her, so she is trying to find a way to marry technology and art and create a new language to talk about delicate subjects such as, violence and war, religion and women, fear and pain in the most tender way.




Creating a methodology that combines theory with practice is essential for visual artists. It is not enough to create an object, without having gone through a journey from concept to materiality. The process of making is as important as the outcome itself.  In my work I incorporate philosophy, literature, performance, visual arts and many different materials, especially ceramics, to develop an interaction between the artist and the viewer. 


Artists and writers have been using themselves as examples to examine their theories and ideas. Sometimes they recount the story of their evolution through their art pieces. Studying philosophers like Socrates, Descartes and existentialism philosophy has helped me to embark on the journey of understanding.   


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