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Not what It Seems

Many people are dealing with depression and mental illnesses either directly or indirectly. Having personal experience with depression and complications with medications, I have decided to work on this subject to help myself and others. I like to choose subjects that I have personal connection to; I have been dealing with depression for the past 16 years and only recently I found myself strong enough to talk about it. The conversation helped to find people who are dealing with similar problems and made me feel that I belong to a community. My hope is that this project creates a safe and accessible atmosphere for people like me to face their fears and maybe start talking about their experience.

Ceramic open boxes which are covered with rough glazes are the main structure of the pieces. Hundreds of small porcelain flowers are placed strategically inside the box forms. These white and translucent flowers are representation of hope and growth. The rough surface of the boxes is in contrast of the pure and innocent nature of porcelain and my hope is that the beauty of the flowers reminds the viewer that things are not as dark and depressing as they might look like. 

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